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"I'm John J. Gardner, founder of C.A.G., and I am here to teach you how to move your career forward, how to get the job promotions you want and deserve. I know so many of you feel blocked or stuck and certainly underappreciated, but if you truly want to move ahead in your job or career, I can tell you with 100% confidence we can help you make that happen."


We are going to teach you how to get promoted. We have been doing this for years across the country in training seminars titled "Let's Get You Promoted", but now we're offering this exclusive training in video format for your convenience and cost savings.


The Program is presented in 5 videos of approximately 15 min. each. Follow them and your career and life will change.

career success

You will learn what's needed for continued career success and job promotions.


Think good performance revues are enough to get you prmoted? Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is for everyone

Doesn't matter if you are young or old, or in a big corp. or a small company, the concepts are the same for all who want to move up.

John J. climbed the corporate ladder himself. In fact, he climbed it faster than anyone in the corporate history of the fortune 500 company where he started as a trainee. He has held high level executive positions in various size companies, plus founded several companies of his own. He has hired hundreds upon hundreds of people, been involved directly or indirectly in promoting hundreds of employees, participated in countless closed-door sessions discussing employees and their futures, and has had extensive training on employee and prospective employee evaluations.


Get it today We are you waiting for

Our 5 video training sessions will get you where you want to go. If you really want to move up the ladder, make more money, and establish a legitimate career path, we can help make that happen. THE 5 VIDEOS ARE YOURS ON DEMAND

Let's Get You Promoted
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If you think promotions are based on how hard you work or being good at your job, nothing could be further from the truth. While both those things help, what really determines if you are promoted is what is talked about behind closed doors. The things you never hear about.

Yes, there are secrets to promotions. They are secrets because no one wants to talk about them. You are not going to learn what they are from your boss or during a performance review, but I guarantee they are there and you understanding what they are will make the difference in having the career you want or NOT!
We'll be very straight, direct and very blunt. We are not going to candy coat things. We are going to tell you how it really is. Some personal things we address you are not going to want to hear. Our answer to that is, tough, get over yourself, and understand this is your career and if you want it to go somewhere you may need to fix some things.
If you think promotions are based on how hard you work or being good at your job, nothing could be further from the truth. While both those things help, what really determines if you are promoted is what is talked about behind closed doors. The things you never hear about.
There are certain things you can do that will have an enormous impact on yoru career. In fact, we call them the Eight to be Great Formula. Improve in these areas and you have just given your career advancement possibilities an 80% boost. We will help you master them.

People said about "LET'S GET YOU PROMOTED" Testimonials

Alfredo Flores –  Phoenix, Arizona

This is the best thing I have ever bought on the internet. It’s worth 10 times what I paid. An incredible program.

Alfredo Flores – Phoenix, Arizona
George Stanley –  Sandy, Utah

I always thought I never got a break. This program taught me otherwise. It’s never too late to get better.

George Stanley – Sandy, Utah
Casey Elliot-  Santa Ana, California

My degree got me in the door. I didn’t have a plan from there. Now I do. Can’t believe how much I learned from this.

Casey Elliot- Santa Ana, California
Cal Williams-  Fort Worth, Texas

John J. is amazing. He made it crystal clear what needs to be done to get where I want to go. Great program.

Cal Williams- Fort Worth, Texas
Stephani Pierce  –  Ocala, Florida

I gave up on getting promoted cause it wasn’t happening. The videos told me why. I feel like I am back in the game.

Stephani Pierce – Ocala, Florida
Den Saeger – Concord, New Hamp.

I thought all you had to do was work hard. Videos showed me there is so much more to it. Great help.

Den Saeger – Concord, New Hamp.
Laurie Kendrick – Akron, Ohio

Here’s what’s wrong with this program. I should have taken it 3 years ago. This will change everything for me.

Laurie Kendrick – Akron, Ohio
Garry Powell –  Atlanta, Georgia

The videos made it very clear what I needed to do. Let me tell you, it works. It has made all the difference.

Garry Powell – Atlanta, Georgia
Lilly Tan –  Seattle, Washington

This is what they don’t teach you in business school. Worth 10 times what I paid for it.

Lilly Tan – Seattle, Washington



  • Five Video Training Sessions
  • Available on Demand
  • Personal Use
  • Requirements - Desire to Advance
  • Viewable on Any Device


  • Five Video Training Sessions
  • Five Telephone Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Use
  • Requirements - Full Dedication to Advancement
  • Conveniently Scheduled Calls


  • Five Telephone Coaching Sessions
  • Scheduled Time
  • Personal Use
  • Requirements - Previous Video or Training Seminar
  • Conveniently Scheduled Calls


The C.A.G staff has over 90 years of high level corporate experience involving hiring, promoting, and terminating employees. They have also conducted research to determine the critical (and usually private) criteria for determining who gets promoted. We guarantee most of you will be shocked as to the reasons why some get promoted and others don't.

We know the "Lets Get You Promoted" program will teach you exactly what you need to do to get ahead and transform you to "the obvious choice" for promotion.


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